Responsible gambling policy at Pin Up

Gambling and sports betting are stimulating and exciting activities, but it should be understood that they can also have their risks if allowed to get out of control. Therefore, the Pin-Up website has developed the principles of responsible gambling, allowing you to keep control over this entertainment and not allow it to become an addiction.

Fundamentals of Responsible Gaming

So, in order for the game to bring only positive emotions, the site uses the general principles of responsible gaming, if followed, the game will be under absolute control. In order to be a responsible player, it is enough to observe the following principles:

  • allocate fixed time and money for the game;
  • perceive the game as entertainment and not a source of income;
  • do not try to win back in case of loss;
  • do not bet over the monetary limit you established before.

There are only a few simple rules, but they will allow players to get only pleasant emotions from the game and not allow them to develop into a gambling addiction.

How to identify if you have a gambling addiction

In case of non-compliance with the principles of responsible gambling, betting can become a dangerous habit that develops into addiction. And it has the same danger as the rest and can harm both the player and the people around him. You can determine the presence of the development of dependence as follows:

  • you start borrowing money in an attempt to recoup;
  • the game begins to take not only free but also working time;
  • the appearance of negative changes in behavior (aggression, depression);
  • loss of interest in the social environment.

If at least one of the signs is identified, it is worth starting treatment to get rid of gambling addiction. Otherwise, it can lead to extremely sad consequences.

How to deal with gambling addiction

Fighting gambling addiction, like any other treatment, is a difficult path, however, gambling platforms provide various tips and necessary contacts for treatment. So, what steps should be taken to get rid of the addiction:

  • Tell relatives or friends about the problem and ask for help in establishing control and treatment.
  • Contact support to obtain a voluntary block.
  • Restrict access to the site using special services such as Net Nanny or CyberPatrol.
  • Contact rehabilitation centers for professional help.
  • Information about services such as GamCare, Gambling Therapy, and Gamblers Anonymous is available in the Responsible Gaming section of the website. There are contacts and information on how to get help, regardless of location. By contacting these organizations, the player will be able to receive all the necessary assistance and rehabilitation to get rid of this problem.